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This section have the Complete Online books on Visual Basic 4.0 and Others.

Teach Yourself Database Programming with Visual Basic 4

This book is designed to help you improve your database programming skills using Visual Basic 4.0. You do not have to be a Visual Basic coding guru to use this book. If you are a power user who wants to learn how to put together simple, solid data entry forms using Visual Basic, you'll get a lot from this book. If you have some Visual Basic experience and want to take the next step into serious database programming, you'll find a great deal of valuable information here, too. Finally, if you are a professional programmer, you can take many of the techniques and code libraries described here and apply them to your current projects.

Visual Basic Expert Solutions

This book give you information about User Interface Design, Advanced Database programming, .OLE Automation, etc. This book is most useful for Advanced Developers.

Special Edition Using Visual Basic 4

This books deals with Data Access, Using OLE, Creating OLE Objects, Integrating with Office Applications and, Optimization and Techniques in Visual Basic 4.0

Visual Basic 4 Unleashed

This book is more discussed with advanced programming in Visual Basic like Multimedia, WinSock programming

Last updated : December 10, 1996
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